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Overview on WUFI®' Passive's Menu Bar and Dialog Structure

This list contains a description of all menu items and of all dialogs, including dialogs which are not directly accessible via the menus, but as sub-dialogs of other dialogs:



Passive-menu file.png

  • New Project

Wipes WUFI®'s memory clean and starts a new, empty project.
The project dialog opens and allows you to give a name to the project and serves as a memo pad for some administrative project information.

  • Open

Displays the usual 'Open' dialog from which you can open existing project files (which contain the input data and the calculation results, if any).

  • Reopen

Displays a list of projects you previously worked with so that you can easily open them by simply selecting them from this list.

  • Save

Saves the input data and (after a calculation has been performed) the calculation results to the project file.
You should save the project before a calculation in case something goes wrong; you must save again after the calculation if you want to keep the results for later use.

  • Save As...

Saves the current project under a new name. The old project file, if existing, continues to exist under the old name.

  • Exit

Closes WUFI®Passive. But why should you want to?


Passive-menu input.png

This menu enables fast navigation as clicking on one of the items (Project, Case, Climate,Building, HVAC) makes the program jump to the corresponding entry in the Navigation Tree

  • Project
    Here you define all information of the project, including the name and address of the client and special remarks concerning the project.
  • Case 1
    Here you define general information about the project. Additionally, the results tab shows the output report once the calculation is complete.
  • Climate
    This dialog serves to specify the weather acting on the outer boundaries of the building.
  • Building
    On this page you can find the building wizard where you define the building dimensions. And by clicking on this item the zones and attached zones become visible once the building is designed.
  • Systems
    This dialog includes the input mask for all data concerning the HVAC-System.



Passive-menu options.png

  • General: Setting of program colors, user information and program view properties.
  • Colors: Direct link to the color setting menu.
  • View: Direct link to the view properties menu.
  • Edit Data: Link to the tooltip and batch mode settings.
  • WUFI®Plus Plug-In into Google Sketchup: Installs the WUFI Plug-In into Google Sketchup. You need to know the filepath of Sketchup.



Passive-menu database.png





  • HVAC Device
    View the HVAC data contained in the HVAC database or add your own HVAC.
    • Database HVAC - New HVAC
      Define a new HVAC system for inclusion in WUFI's HVAC database.
    • Database HVAC - Change HVAC
      Edit one of the HVAC systems you have added to the database. (The predefined HVAC systems in the database cannot be edited.)
    • Database HVAC - Delete HVAC
      Delete from the database one of the HVAC systems you have added. (The predefined HVAC systems in the database cannot be deleted.)
    • Database HVAC - Edit HVAC
      Add or edit a database catalogue.


Passive-menu help.png

  • About WUFI
    Displays information about WUFI®passive, including the version number.
  • WUFI Wiki
    Opens the WUFI-Wiki in the browser in a new tab.
  • WUFI Forum
    Opens the WUFI-Forum in the browser in a new tab.

Tool Bar

The following menu items are also available via the toolbar buttons:

ToolbarNewProject.gif Create New Project

ToolbarOpenProjectFile.gif Open Project File

ToolbarSaveProjectFile.gif Save Project File



  • WUFIplus : Execute your calculations via WUFI®Plus
  • Passive House Verification : Use WUFI®Passive for your calculation

Summary Options:


This section shows some settings you are using. By clicking on it you can go to the General Option window.

  • English: Shows your chosen Language. Right now you can switch between English, German and Italian.
  • SI: Shows your chosen unit system. You can switch between SI und IP, but keep in mind that switching system mid-work will cause rounding errors.
  • Outer dimensions: This displays whether your visualized 3D geometry reflects the inner or outer dimensions of the building.