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WUFI®Passive was developed by the Fraunhofer-Institute of Building Physics (IBP) and the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) by combining the WUFI®Plus building simulation tool with a Passive House Verification feature to meet the needs of passive building communities worldwide.

In times of decreasing fossil fuel resources, the implementation of passive building principles have shown to be an important step towards higher efficiency and less energy consumption in the building sector. By using dynamic models and hourly data, WUFI®Passive has an edge against other verification tools, and the integrated WUFI®Plus tool also has the ability of hygrothermal analysis and calculations.
The Passive House Verification in WUFI®Passive calculates the energy demand of buildings on monthly or annual basis. Thereby transmission, ventilation, radiation and inner loads are considered. The energy gains and losses are balanced and a detailed input (heating, ventilation, HVAC etc) allows the calculation of the total energy demand. Depending on the energy sources used, the primary energy consumption is determined as well.

Some links on the WUFI®Passive pages lead to WUFI®Plus pages, as there are no changes in the respective pages.