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Welcome to WUFI

WUFI is a Windows-based program for the hygrothermal (i.e., heat and moisture) analysis of building envelope constructions. WUFI is an easy-to-use, menu-driven program for use on a personal computer which can provide customized solutions to moisture engineering and damage assessment problems for various building envelope systems.

The WUFI simulation model is a transient heat and mass transfer model which can be used to assess the heat and moisture distributions for a wide range of building material classes and climatic conditions.

With WUFI you can estimate the drying times of masonry and lightweight structures with trapped or concealed construction moisture, investigate the danger of interstitial condensation or study the influence of driving rain on exterior building components. The program can also help to select repair and retrofit strategies with respect to the hygrothermal response of particular roof or wall assemblies subjected to various climates. This allows the comparison and ranking of different designs with respect to total hygrothermal performance.

In addition, WUFI provides an instructive overview of the complex moisture transport phenomena occurring in construction assemblies, making the basic principles and interactions present during moisture transport more accessible and allowing both designers and architects insight into design decisions.

This design tool can also aid the development and optimization of innovative building materials and components. One example is that WUFI simulations led to the development of the smart vapor retarder; a successful application of a software tool to a practical moisture control problem.