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  • Two graphs are shown on one page. If the date-axis is changed on the above graph, the second graph is then different - but only one x-axis label is available.
  • Sometimes window can not be minimized


  • By use of "Assign from Database" the setup is overridden without asking (asking happens only if "Edit" is used.
  • How do I create a monopitch roof?
  • Is the A/V ratio based on the internal or the external dimensions?
  • How is the exterior climate data interpolated with shorter timesteps than available in the climate file? How big is the difference of simulations with hourly values and shorter timesteps?
  • How are the ventilation control mechanisms exactly?
  • How do I model groundwater? (I can only specify 100% RH but no fluid water on the surface)


  • Time-dependent shading
  • Specified saving options (without results, with general results, with results for each component) on one page, not seperately for each component
  • Calculation results: Please add surface area in the component information part
  • Differentiation between forced and natural air exchange (with possibility to read file)
  • Preview of the created building in the building wizard
  • Define standard dimensions of windows with frame reduction factor and adapt frame reduction factor with changing window dimensions
  • Start "Calc Wufi" from header-dialog
  • Delete "new case" button
  • Give choice if one wants to copy windows for every storey in a multi-storey building
  • Batch mode for WUFI Plus with automatic results file generation
  • Possibility to read each boundary condition from file
  • Save project without results

Christoph's annotation

Smaller Problems

Distribution of solar gains on inner surfaces

How is the behavior? If Other_Parameters "Proportional to area", 100% of solar gains will distributed proportional to the components, or 100% less the ratio of "Solar radiation direct to inner Air"?

In the case of "Proportional to area" in Components -> Numerics "Solar radiation on inner surfaces[%]" shows the percentage [1...100] in an inactive box. But if "user defined" you must not input a number between [1...100], but between [0...1].


Jan Peter's annotation

  • If you want to created a building with the script and you press load sample there is a different. In the sample it is called “Kind of component” and in the Explanations it is called “Kind of partition.”
  • Option to scale up the script window in "read from script"

WUFI plus 2.X