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Overview of WUFI's Dialog Structure

This list contains a description of all menu items and of all dialogs, including dialogs which are not directly accessible via the menus, but as sub-dialogs of other dialogs:



  • New Project

Wipes WUFI's memory clean and starts a new, empty project.
The project dialog opens which allows you to give a name to the project and which serves as a memo pad for some administrative project info.

  • New Case

Creates a new case within the current project.
The case dialog opens which lets you enter a case name and remarks.
If any other cases already exist in the present project, an additional window is displayed in the dialog which allows to copy selected data over from those other cases.

  • Remove Selected Case

Serves to delete cases which are not needed any more.

  • Open

Displays the usual 'Open' dialog from which you can open existing project files (which contain the input data and the calculation results, if any).

  • Reopen

Displays a list of projects you have previously worked with so that you can easily open them by simply selecting them from this list.

  • Save

Saves the input data and (after a calculation has been performed) the calculation results to the project file.
You should save the project before a calculation in case something goes wrong; you must save again after the calculation if you want to keep the results for later.
If you do not want to archive the results, excluding all or part of the result data via the dialog "Options | Result Data" will give you a much smaller project file.

  • Save As...

Saves the current project under a new name.
The old project file, if any, continues to exist under the old name.

  • Close

Closes WUFI. But why should you want to?



(these dialogs are also directly accessible from the project explorer on the left side of the screen)




  • Initial Conditions
    The initial temperature and moisture distributions are specified in this dialog (e.g. a dry component or one with trapped construction moisture).
    • Initial Moisture
    • Initial Temperature
      These dialogs serve to specify initialisation files which describe the initial moisture or temperature profiles in the component, if these are to be read from files.
  • Calculation Period / Profiles
    Here you tell WUFI for which period of time the simulation shall be carried out (e.g. the simulation is to span one year, starting on June 1st).
    You can also specify the width of the time steps used for the calculation.


  • Numerics
    The options offered by this dialog allow you to control the way the calculation is done.


  • Climate: Outdoor (Left Side)
  • Climate: Indoor (Right Side)
    These dialogs serve to specify the weather acting on the left or right side of the component, respectively.
    • Map/File
      If you want to read the climate data from a file, use this tab to specify and analyse the file.
      • Select Climate File
        Select the desired climate file:
        • Select from map
          If you want to use one of the climate files supplied with WUFI, specify it by clicking on the respective location on the map.
        • Select user-defined file
          If you want to use a climate file from a different source, select it with the file browser
      • Detailed Options
        Depending on the climate file type, additional options may be available.
    • Sine Curves
      You may use simple sine curves as climate conditions.
    • EN 13788
      You may have the interior climate derived from the exterior climate by the method described in DIN EN ISO 13788.
    • EN 15026
      You may have the interior climate derived from the exterior climate by the method described in EN 15026.
    • ASHRAE 160P
      You may have the interior climate derived from the exterior climate by the method described in ASHRAE Standard 160P.



  • Run Calculation
    Starts the calculation for the current case, but shows only a progress bar instead of the film.


  • Run all Calculations
    Starts the calculation for all cases in the project in succession and only shows a progress bar instead of the film.





  • Quick Graph
    The quick graphs give you a quick overview of the calculation results.


  • Input Data Summary / Last Calculation
    This dialog displays data sheets with the input data (such as the assembly and the material data) and a summary of the calculation results, formatted for printing.


  • Status: Last Calculation
    This dialog displays a short summary of the calculation results.
    It is automatically displayed at the end of the calculation. You should check the provided info (in particular, the water balance) to make sure no numerical problems have occurred.


  • Result Graphs
    This dialog displays the calculation results in the form of graphs showing courses and profiles, formatted for printing.
    • Page Setup
      This dialog allows you to edit the name of the highlighted graphics page.
    • Graph Setup, Courses
      Here you can edit the settings for a graph that displays courses.
    • Graph Setup, Profiles
      Here you can edit the settings for a graph that displays profiles.
    • Curves Setup
      Here you can edit the settings for a curve.
    • Insert Curves
      Here you can assign additional curves showing calculation results to the current graph.
    • Delete Curves
      Here you can remove a curve from the current graph.
  • View Film
    This dialog displays the calculation results in the form of a film showing the thermal and hygric processes in the building component as an animation.


  • Measured Data
    Here you can specify a file with measured data. You can configure the result graphs to show them together with the WUFI results, allowing easy comparison of calculation and measurement.


  • ASCII Export
    Instead of viewing the results with WUFI's graphics dialog, you may also write them to an ASCII file and analyse them on your own.


  • Export Film
    You can export the film and display it with an external film viewer (in WUFI Pro only).





  • Warnings
    Tell WUFI which events shall cause a warning.


  • Result Data
    Exclude the calculated courses/profiles or the film data from being saved in the project file.






The on-line help.

  • General
    Opens the [[Welcome.htm">welcome page]] of the on-line help. You can use the arrows on each page to systematically browse the help topics.
  • Content
    Opens the <A HREF="Contents.htm">contents</A> page of the on-line help.
  • Index/Search
    Opens the keyword list of the on-line help for searching.
  • Use Help
    Explains how to use the on-line help.
  • IBP on the Web
    Opens the WUFI homepage in your browser.
  • WUFI Forum
    Opens the WUFI Forum in your browser.
  • About WUFI
    Displays information about WUFI, including the version number.

Tool Bar

The following menu items are also available via the toolbar buttons:

ToolbarNewProject.gif Create New Project

ToolbarOpenProjectFile.gif Open Project File

ToolbarSaveProjectFile.gif Save Project File

ToolbarNewCase.gif Create New Case

ToolbarRemoveCase.gif Remove Case

ToolbarRunNoFilm.gif Run Calculation for current case without film display

ToolbarRunAllCases.gif Run Calculation for all cases in the project without film display

ToolbarRunWithFilm.gif Run Calculation with film display

ToolbarInputDataSummary.gif Show Summary of Input Data

ToolbarStatus.gif Show Status of Last Calculation

ToolbarResultGraphs.gif Show Result Graphs

ToolbarViewFilm.gif View Film

ToolbarOnlineHelp.gif Open On-Line Help