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What Do I Get From WUFI?

Once you have furnished WUFI with the data it needs, it can calculate the temporal evolution of the temperature and moisture fields in the building component.

You will be given three types of results:

  • courses which describe the temporal evolution of certain quantities, taken at specified locations or as mean values over specified layers.

The following quantities are given as courses:

    • the heat flux densities through the interior and exterior surface, respectively,
    • the temperatures and relative humidities at monitoring positions of your choice (e.g. at the interior and exterior surfaces, or in the middle of an insulation layer etc),
    • the mean moisture content of each layer and the total moisture content of the entire building component,
    • ###...


  • profiles which show the distribution of a quantity across the building component at a specified point in time.
    The following quantities are given as profiles:
    • the temperature across the building component,
    • the relative humidity across the building component,
    • the moisture content across the building component.


WUFI automatically records the initial and final states as profiles. You can specify additional points in time for which you want to see profiles.

  • a film which contains the profiles of all time steps.


You may save the calculation results together with the input data in the project file, so that you can re-examine the result graphs or the film later without repeating the calculation.
WUFI offers graphics functions that allow you to comfortably view the computed courses and profiles, and to edit and print the graphs.
The film viewer allows you to view the film at your leisure after completion of the calculation.