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Overview of WUFI's Menu Structure

This list contains a description of all menu items.

Menu: Project


  • New Project

Wipes WUFI's memory clean and starts a new, empty project.

  • New Case

Creates a new case within the current project.

  • Remove Selected Case

Serves to delete cases which are not needed any more.

  • Open

Displays the usual 'Open' dialog from which you can open existing project files (which contain the input data and the calculation results, if any).

  • Reopen

Displays a list of projects you have previously worked with so that you can easily open them by simply selecting them from this list.

  • Save

Saves the input data and (after a calculation has been performed) the calculation results to the project file.

  • Save As...

Saves the current project under a new name.

  • Close

Closes WUFI-1D.

Menu: Inputs


(these dialogs are also directly accessible from the project explorer on the left side of the screen)

Menu: Run


  • Run Calculation
    Starts the calculation for the current case, but shows only a progress bar instead of the film.


  • Run all Calculations
    Starts the calculation for all cases in the project in succession and only shows a progress bar instead of the film.


  • Run Calculation with Film
    Open this dialog to start the calculation and watch the thermal and hygric processes going on in the component during the simulation (the 'film').

Menu: Outputs


  • Input Data Summary / Last Calculation
    This dialog displays data sheets with the input data (such as the assembly and the material data) and a summary of the calculation results, formatted for printing.
  • Status: Last Calculation
    This dialog displays a short summary of the calculation results.
  • Result Graphs
    This dialog displays the calculation results in the form of graphs showing courses and profiles, formatted for printing.
  • View Film
    This dialog displays the calculation results in the form of a film showing the thermal and hygric processes in the building component as an animation.
  • Measured Data
    Here you can specify a file with measured data.
  • ASCII Export
    Instead of viewing the results with WUFI's graphics dialog, you may also write them to an ASCII file and analyse them on your own.
  • Export Film
    You can export the film and display it with an external film viewer (in WUFI Pro only).

Menu: Options


  • Unit System
    Switch between SI and IP units.
  • Warnings
    Tell WUFI which events shall cause a warning.
  • Result Data
    Exclude the calculated courses/profiles or the film data from being saved in the project file.

Menu: Database


  • Database Materials
    View the material data contained in the materials database or add your own materials.
  • Database Constructions
    View the constructions contained in the constructions database or add your own constructions.

Menu: ?


The on-line help.

  • General
    Opens the welcome page of the on-line help. You can use the arrows on each page to systematically browse the help topics.
  • Content
    Opens the <A HREF="Contents.htm">contents</A> page of the on-line help.
  • Index/Search
    Opens the keyword list of the on-line help for searching.
  • Use Help
    Explains how to use the on-line help.
  • IBP on the Web
    Opens the WUFI homepage in your browser.
  • WUFI Forum
    Opens the WUFI Forum in your browser.
  • About WUFI
    Displays information about WUFI, including the version number.