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The Status and Result Box

The Status and Result Box displays the status of the input e.g. if data is missing or unrealistic. If all information is given, a small portion of the results are displayed.
It can be minimized by clicking the grey X-button. This can be useful e.g. when reading the Results. The button then changes to a green arrow and by clicking the arrow the box will reappear.

Error Message

Passive-resultbox error.png

As long as there is still input data missing, the status and results box shows error messages. Double clicking on it makes WUFI®Passive jump to the cause of the error. The error messages are constructed according to the structure of the Navigation Tree, so navigating to the cause is just a matter of tracing the error message line by line in the Navigation Tree.


WUFI®Passive has a new feature; if some data is unlikely or unrealistic, the status button will turn yellow and a new button will appear.Passive-result warningscomments.png
By clicking it, WUFI will tell you which values are unrealistic or uncommon.
Passive-result warningscommentsbox.png


Unlike WUFI®Plus, WUFI®Passive will give out results without any calculation time.
As soon as all needed information is given, WUFI will return a small portion of data in this window: Passive-resultbox result.png
The thicker black lines in the middle of the graph show the cutoff certification criteria for the passive building. Alternatively the green check and the red "x" on the right side also display if the criteria are fulfilled or not.

You can find the detailed information about the results here.