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What do I need?

This is an overview of the steps that have to be taken before you can start a calculation.

  • You may enter some optional information about the project and the case.

The easiest way is to start on the top of the tree on the left side of the screen. The first point is to define the component. Wufi 1D Baum.jpg  

  • You must define the assembly of the component (i.e. its layer sequence and the layer thicknesses) and you must enter the material data for the individual layers. The material data may be entered by hand or taken from the material database. Alternatively, a predefined assembly may be read from the construction database.



  • You may select monitoring positions, for which you want to be given the courses of temperature and relative humidity (the two surfaces of the building component are always monitored).




  • You must specify the initial conditions, which describe the starting values of the temperature and moisture fields.


The second point of the tree is to define the control parameters.

Wufi 1D Baum Control.jpg  

  • You must specify the time interval for which the calculation shall be carried out. You may specify additional points in time for which you want to be given profiles.



The last point of the tree is to define the climate boundary conditions.
Wufi 1D Baum Climate.jpg  

  • You must define the climatic conditions on each side of the component by selecting a file with weather data or by having interior climate data derived from such a file, or by specifying schematic sine curves for the climate data.