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Overview of WUFI's Dialog Structure

This list contains a description of all menu items and of all dialogs, including dialogs which are not directly accessible via the menus, but as sub-dialogs of other dialogs:


WUFI-Plus Project.png

  • New

Wipes WUFI's memory clean and starts a new, empty project.
The project dialog opens which allows you to give a name to the project and which serves as a memo pad for some administrative project info.

  • Open

Displays the usual 'Open' dialog from which you can open existing project files (which contain the input data and the calculation results, if any).

  • Reopen

Displays a list of projects you have previously worked with so that you can easily open them by simply selecting them from this list.

  • Save

Saves the input data and (after a calculation has been performed) the calculation results to the project file.
You should save the project before a calculation in case something goes wrong; you must save again after the calculation if you want to keep the results for later.

  • Save As...

Saves the current project under a new name.
The old project file, if any, continues to exist under the old name.

  • Exit

Closes WUFI. But why should you want to?


WUFI-Plus Input2.png

  • Project
    Here you define all information of the project, includes the name and adress of the client and special remarks of the project.
  • Case 1
    Here you define general information about the project and the time of calculation. Additional the button results shows the report of the calculation which is available after the calculation.
  • HVAC
    This dialog includes the input mask for all data concerning the HVAC-System.


WUFI-Plus Options.png


  • Warnings
    Tell WUFI which events shall cause a warning.


  • Other
    Three options can be choose here.
    • Start the software window with a full screen.
    • Save the results with the project file.
    • Include all graphs in results.



  • Windows type
    Define default window types and save it in the Database.


WUFI-Plus Database.png






About WUFI
Displays information about WUFI, including the version number.

Tool Bar

The following menu items are also available via the toolbar buttons:

ToolbarNewProject.gif Create New Project

ToolbarOpenProjectFile.gif Open Project File

ToolbarSaveProjectFile.gif Save Project File