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The menu-driven PC program WUFI®plus (Wärme und Feuchte instationär - Transient Heat and Moisture), developed by IBP allows realistic calculation of the transient hygrothermal behavior of a building exposed to natural climate conditions.

WUFI®plus is a room climate model which connects the energetic building simulation and the hygrothermal component calculation. With the building simulation software WUFI®plus the hygric and thermal ratios in a building, in its perimeter and their interaction can be calculated and quantified as well as the energy demand and consumption of system engineering.

The ratios are affected by climatic conditions on location and also by system engineering and loads resulting from use or rather user behavior. Outside influences are the climatic conditions inside influences are loads depending on type of use, user ratio and the user behavior. These influencing factors can be deduced by WUFI®plus already before planning a new building, a refurbishment or conversion. Questions about the hygrothermal behavior of the building or expectable room climate conditions can be answered. Experimental analysis, which are expensive and timeconsuming today can be avoided because WUFI®plus allows easy and quick changes in construction and assembly, the input of different boundary conditions as well as variances of parameters like material characteristics.

WUFI®plus offers the following performance:

The transient heat and moisture transports are calculated connected. This happens in arbitrary time steps within an arbitrary simulation period. The calculation is done with the finite volumes method.

The simulation building can be modeled easy with aid of the Building Wizard. For buildings with more complex shapes there is the possibility to input a script file. Numerous assemblies and materials are already deposited in the accordant databases and can be assigned to the components of the simulation building. The databases can be expanded arbitrary.

The outside conditions are affected by the climate at the location. The data for the climate can be realistic, of synthetic constitution or completely generated artificial. WUFI®plus comes with climate files (TRY) for many worldwide locations. The specifications about heating, cooling and ventilation can be done manual and regulated daytime- and season-depending. So the influence on heat and moisture behavior and room climate can be included to the calculation. And contrary the capacity of the system for comfortable conditions can ascertained.

The results of a simulation are output as graph or in tabulation. To output the results as ASCII is also possible. For the single components the calculation results can be viewed as video.

In the context of the Annex 41 project a few validation cases were created and the simulation results of WUFI®plus could be compared with the test results. It shows how exact and realistic WUFI®plus calculates.

WUFI®plus aims at referees, building planners, engineers, architects and experts in the fields of moisture engineering and room climate.