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Simulation procedure

This is a short description of a simulation procedure.

For detailed information to the several steps follow the links.

The elements in the navigation tree lead you step by step through all necessary inputs.



Start with the definition of the general project information.

Procedure Project.jpg

Files / Measured data

If additional data or files are needed for the calculation, load it into the programm.

Procedure Measured.jpg


Remark all alterations and characteristics of the current case variation and define the simulation period.

Procedure Case.jpg


Select the boundary conditions. This can be either a climate from the WUFIplus database or user defined. Additional optional climates can be defined (e.g. ground, attached zones).

Procedure Climate.jpg


Model the simulation building.

For plain geometries use the 'building wizard' to generate the simulation envelope. For more complex geometries use the '3D editor'.

Procedure Building.jpg

Heated Zones

Create the several heated zones within the simulation envelope.

Procedure HeatedZones.jpg


Make the stettings for the several zones.

Procedure Zone.jpg

Visualized Components

Allocate the components to the respective zone.

Define and asign the assemblies.

Set the parameters for surface, initial conditions and numerics.

Procedure Component.jpg

Inner Loads

The occuring inner loads by machines or occupants can be defined in profiles by the hour.

Procedure InnerLoads.jpg

Design Conditions

The design conditions for the zone are defined by the hour as well.

These values are setpoints for the HVAC system.

Procedure DesignConditions.jpg

Other Parameters

To start the calculation the initial conditions have to be defined.

Procedure OtherParameters.jpg


Constitute the capability of the projected HVAC system.

Procedure HVAC.jpg


Is the button red follow the path below to the missing or wrong input.

A doubleklick on the given path leads automatically to the missing or wrong iput.

Procedure Calculationred.jpg

The completeness of the inputs is shown in the state bar with the green button.

The caluculation can be started. It can be interrupted and then continued. With chosing a special component the current results of this component can be observed. A higher calculation speed "Maximum speed" is possible by hiding the current results.

Procedure Calculation.jpg



After a successful caluculation the results are available in different ways.

The results are summarized in a report which's scope can be defined by the user

The results are diagrammed in graphs.

The results can be exported to Ecxel or to file as calculated courses or graph curves.

Procedure Results.jpg