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Computer Requirements

  • IBM-compatible Pentium-class computer. High speed is recommended for performance.
  • At least 2 GB of random access memory (RAM)
  • Microsoft Windows XP + SP2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Hard disk drive with at least 2 GB of available disk space
  • .Net Framework 3.5 with SP1

Installing the Programm

  • In order to install WUFI®Passive, admin rights are required. Put the program installation CD in the appropriate CD drive and select the language in which the installation will be held. After this, the setup screen will welcome you:
    Choose your language

Passive-install welcome.png

  • Read the terms of use here and accept them:

Passive-install agreement.png

  • Check, if your computer meets all necessary requirements:

Passive-install requirements.png

  • Input your license information:

Passive-install code.png

  • Select your desired destination location:

Passive-install folder.png

  • Select a start menu folder:

Passive-install startmenu.png

  • Decide whether you want a desktop icon:

Passive-install icon.png

  • Check settings and click "Install" to install the software:

Passive-install install.png

  • To complete installation process, press "finish"

Passive-install finish.png