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building component
-> component

The climate is the description of the boundary conditions that act on the surfaces of the -> component. In general, an exterior climate is determined by the weather (and thus described by a collection of weather data), an interior climate is determined by the indoor air conditions. The terms "climate" and "weather" are used indiscriminately in WUFI.
The climate conditions for a WUFI simulation are selected in the dialog Edit Climate and its subdialogs.

-> component

The component is the building element that is under investigation in WUFI. It may for example be a complete wall or roof cross-section or part thereof. In most cases it is composed of several rectangular elements that consist of different materials.

WUFI-2D uses several different directories in different stages of the work:
All your input is held in memory while you are working on a project. Occasionally, the contents of WUFI-2D's memory may be written to the cache directory. This happens automatically whenever you want to save your work: the project data are first written to several files in the cache directory, then these files are copied to the save directory (see below).
You may also write the memory contents to the cache directory by pressing CTRL+W, in order to make a snapshot of the current state of your work. You may later revert your project data to the state last secured in this way by pressing CTRL+R or by choosing File | Revert to last saved. This provides a rudimentary undo function.
The directory to be used as cache directory can be specified in the dialog Options | Settings. When you close WUFI-2D, the cache directory will be cleared.
When you save your project data, all the data in memory will be written to files in the cache directory, and these files will be copied to the save directory. The save directory serves as a repository for your project data between work sessions or as a quickly accessible archive. If you want to archive your project data in a more compact format, you can export them to a compressed archive file.
Use the dialog Options | Settings to specify a root directory for the save directories.
If you choose Menu: Options | Set as Default the project data in memory will be written to files in the cache directory and these files will be copied to the default directory. The next time WUFI-2D is run, it will automatically copy the contents of the default directory back into the cache directory and read the project data into memory so that you can continue working without having to load the project first.
Use Menu: Options | Reset Default to empty the default directory and to prevent WUFI-2D from loading a default project.

The project is the collection of all input data and the calculation results. All of these data are written to the -> save directory when you save the project. They can also be exported to a compressed archive file.

-> climate

WUFI (Wärme und Feuchte instationär - transient heat and moisture) is a Windows-based program for the hygrothermal (heat and moisture) analysis of building envelope constructions.