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The *.IWC Format for Climate Data

This climate data format is being used by ASHRAE for the "International Weather Year for Energy Calculation (IWEC)" files.
WUFI can read these files; but since the file format is quite complex, contains many quantities not needed for hygrothermal simulations and treats some of the needed quantities (e.g. rain) only in a semi-quantitative way, it is not recommended to convert your own data to this format in order to use them with WUFI. The format is therefore not described here.

Note: the IWEC weather data do not contain quantitative rain data but only a rain indicator reporting rain intensity categories like "light", "moderate", "heavy", etc. As long as it has not been worked out which representative hourly quantities corresponding to these categories should be used in hygrothermic simulations, WUFI will not use rain data in calculations performed with *.IWC files.