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Batch Jobs

WUFI can be run from the command line, so that projects can be processed automatically with an appropriate batch file. For example, this allows to run extensive calculations such as parametric studies over the weekend.

Call WUFI with

WUFI ProjectFileName [Options]

The name of the project file to be processed is specified with the parameter ProjectFileName. The following options can be used to control WUFI's actions:

-c   Start computing the active case
-C   Start computing all cases
-s   Save the results
-f   Export a film. The exported film file will be given the name %ProjectFileName%_%CaseIndex%.fid; the case name will become the film title.
-v   Export selected courses to an ASCII file. The selection is done with a bit mask (e.g. 0110001) which refers to the list of available courses in the dialog ASCII-Export. The number and the sequence of the courses displayed in this list depend on the number of layers and the number of monitoring positions in the project.

The bit mask contains these courses in reverse order. That way, the total water content, which will usually be the focus of interest for the user, and which is always last in the list of available courses, is first in the bitmask and thus easy to select.
-v1 exports the last course (the total water content).
-v0000000001 exports the tenth-to-last course (what it contains depends on the number of layers and monitoring positions in the current project).
-v1001 exports the last course (the total water content) and the fourth-to-last course.
This option can not be used together with option -C.
The name of the exported file will be %ProjectFileName%_%CaseIndex%.asc if no other file name has been specified. To specify a different name for the export file, open the dialog Outputs: ASCII-Export, enter the desired file name in the text box "Output file", close the dialog with "OK" and save the project.

The options will only be executed if the project file name has been specified and the option list contains -c oder -C. The order of the options in the option list is arbitrary; the options may also be written /c etc.

Version notice: only WUFI Pro can be run from the command line.