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Dialog: Result Analyzer

This menu item launches the program WUFI2D Motion which displays the results as animated 3D graphs.

WUFI2D Motion automatically reads the result file created by WUFI-2D and displays the two-dimensional fields of temperature, water content, relative humidity, vapor pressure, heat flux, capillary flux and diffusion flux.

"Start" the "Movie" to see an animation of the changes which happen in these fields during the calculation period. The values in the fields are color coded; right-click on the color scale to edit the color coding.

Originally, you are viewing the fields from 'above'. Grab them with the cursor or use the tool buttons to rotate them into a side-view. In addition to the color coding, the different values in the fields will then be visualized by their different heights along the z-axis. The boundary conditions are indicated along the edges of the fields

Press CTRL and the left mouse button to move the graph.
Press CTRL+ALT and the left mouse button to zoom into the graph: moving the mouse in positive x direction will zoom in; moving the mouse in negative x direction will zoom out.