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Installation WUFI-1D PRO

The menu-driven PC program WUFI® (Wärme und Feuchte instationär - Transient Heat and Moisture), developed by IBP and validated using data derived from outdoor and laboratory tests, allows realistic calculation of the transient hygrothermal behaviour of multi-layer building components exposed to natural climate conditions.

WUFI® is based on the newest findings regarding vapour diffusion and liquid transport in building materials.

WUFI® only requires standard material properties and easy-to-determine moisture storage and liquid transport functions.

WUFI® can use measured weather data - including driving rain and solar radiation - as boundary conditions, thus allowing realistic investigations on the behaviour of the component under exposure to natural weather.

WUFI® can be used for assessing

  • the drying time of masonry with trapped construction moisture
  • the danger of interstitial condensation
  • the influence of driving rain on exterior building components
  • the effect of repair and retrofit measures
  • the hygrothermal performance of roof and wall assemblies under unanticipated use or in different climate zones.

Computer Requirements:

  • IBM-compatible Pentium-class computer. High speed is recommended for performance.
  • At least 128 MB of random access memory (RAM).
  • Microsoft Windows 2000TM / XPTM /VistaTM
  • Hard disk drive with at least 100 megabytes of available disk space.
  • Additional 100 megabytes for the calculation results

Installing the Program:

In order to install WUFI you need to have the system administrator rights. Put the program installation CD in the appropriate CD drive and follow the instructions.