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Editing a Component

The tree Component/Geometry shows a table of all compontents of the building which are part of the heated balance zone.

WUFI-Plus Component.png

The table gives an overview of all components and the orientation, area and inclination. With a double click on the component or with a click in the tree on the component the next step to design the component occurs.


This side shows general information about the component such as the name and type. And some special information for the user are on this side like the area of the component, the orientation and inclination and after the input of the construction the U-value for the component is given on this page.

WUFI-Plus ComponentGeneral.png


WUFI-Plus ComponentAssembly.png

The page Assembly is the most important one for the component because here you define the construction of the walls, floors or ceilings. For the definition of the construction you can use different ways:

  1. Design the construction over a pre-define component you have to click the button Assign form database.
  2. If you click the button Edit you can design your own construction with different layers and materials.
  3. With the button New/Duplicate a existing constrction can copy and the layers or materials can be changed.
  4. With the button Delete you can delete the highlighted assembly in the table.

If an assembly is designed for the highlighted component in the tree, the construction is shown in the table below inclusive information about the U-value und the RT-value.


WUFI-Plus ComponentSurface 1.png

With the page Surface the hygrothermal boundary conditions at the surfaces of the components could be designed.

WUFI-Plus ComponentInitial.png

WUFI-Plus ComponentNumerics.png

WUFI-Plus ComponentResults.png

WUFI-Plus ComponentWUFIExtra.png