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What do I get from WUFIplus?

Once you have furnished WUFIplus with the needed data it can calculate the temporal evolution of the temperature and moisture fields in the building components and the inner climate conditions.

Whole building

In "Case" in the Naviagation tree und find the tab "Report: Data & Results".

Procedure Results general.jpg


The whole simulation is described completely and can be reconstructed by the report. All the general set up of the project can be found here. The scope can be set with predefined topics or userdefined.


In slide Graphs are the results of the calculation shown in graphs. In different Selections (Climate, Comfort, Energy, Humidity) you can see the produced graphs.

Procedure Results.jpg


The third possibility is to export the needed results as ASCII to Excel or file. All calculated courses and graph curves can be selected. There is also the possibility to chose the time interval.

Procedure Results ASCII.jpg

For Individual component

A film which contains the profiles of all time steps.

Procedure Results Film.jpg

WUFI automatically records the initial and final states as profiles. You can specify additional points in time for which you want to see profiles.