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What do I need?

This is a short overview of the steps that have to be taken before you can start a calculation. You can see the navigation tree with all important points which has to be defined before:

Navigation Tree

The easiest way is to start on the top of the navigation tree and edit point to point top down.

First you may enter some optional information about the project.

After some basic information you have to select a climate for the calculation. Either the measured climate data for a location or synthetic ones are possible.

When the climate is chosen, the building geometry has to be shaped. Either with the building wizard or by vertices.

You have to define the assembly of the components. Predefined assemblies can be read from the assembly database. New constructions can be edited in this dialog and you can select in the material data for the individual layers.

The prospective loads loads can be defined in dayprofiles.

In Design Conditions temperature, moisture and ventilation conditions can be edited.

In the other parameters are the initial conditions and the accuracy of calculation to define.

At last the HVAC-Systmes have to be specified.