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If loads occur in the simulation volume they have to be defined in the dialog „Inner Loads/Occupancy“ and are then considered in the room balance. Different utilization profiles can be assigned to periods. The daily profiles describe the loads occurring in the periods. The heat loads, divided into convective and radiant, and the humidity and CO2 loads are defined hourly in the profile, which describes a utilization of one day. The unit of each load can be selected on the drop-down menu.

WUFI-Plus Dialog InnerLoads.jpg

The loads within a daily profile can be summed with the "Calculator inner sources”. With this helpful tool with "New" a new load is created. In the database "emission source" are already stored some profiles. In the dialog "Specification" they can be chosen. The calculator adds up all occurring loads, which are then inserted in the profile accordingly. The daily course of the load will be displayed on a chart below the dialog.

The profiles can also be loaded from an extern file.