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Database Windows

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In this dialog you can view the window types contained in the windows database. You also can add and edit your own window types (you can not edit the predefined windows).

In order to assign windows from the database to the current component, use the dialog "Assign from database ", which can be accessed from the window dialog via the "Assign from database" button.

The windows are organized by Sources and by Catalogues.
The source indicates the institution which has provided the construction. You may select "All sources" in order to see all windows, or you may select only one source if only a subgroup of windows is relevant to your investigation.
For each source, the windows have been organized in catalogues which comprise a specific category of windows each (e.g. "ASHRAE", etc). Select "All catalogues" to view all windows of the selected source.

The windows contained in the selected sources and catalogues are displayed in the windows list. You may "Sort" the windows by name or leave them unsorted.

The predefined windows in the database are read-only and cannot be edited. However, you can add your own windows to the database. To do this, first create your own catalogue with the "Edit catalogue" button

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